How to Identify the Authenticity of Tungsten Rings?

Judging by weight

The density of tungsten is much greater than that of titanium, and it has a texture when worn and has a feeling of heavy metal; if it is light and light when worn, it must be a fake.

Judging from the hardness

The density of tungsten is between 8-9M (Mohs hardness scale), which is close to natural diamonds (10M), 10 times that of 18K gold, 4 times that of titanium, and 5 times that of stainless steel, with almost no wear. Please scratch the surface with a hard object such as a blade, the real tungsten will not produce scratches; otherwise, it is a fake.

Judging from the appearance

The natural color of tungsten is cool silver. After processing by high-polishing mirror and other processes, it has unparalleled gloss, refraction and texture, with gem-like color and light. If the surface gloss is very poor or even dull, it is a fake.

Judging from time

After a special process, tungsten has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Under normal use, it will last as long as new, and will not oxidize and fade. Skin allergies; if after a period of use, it becomes oxidized and rusted, causing marble If the pattern is even faded, it must be fake.
Tungsten is not only used to make rings, it can also be used to make artillery, MSI, and heat conduction problems. This tungsten alloy has a high hardness and is comparable to diamonds. Its chemical properties are stable and will not be affected by any chemical substances. Corrosion, so it can be seen that the storage time of tungsten is long. When we choose a tungsten ring, we only need to observe whether it is genuine. A real tungsten ring is not only beautiful, but also cheap, and its life span can be comparable to any diamond ring.

Real tungsten jewelry has the characteristics of not easy to wear and fade. Many of the tungsten jewelry you see on the Internet are mirror-faced and edge-faced. This is because tungsten is extremely hard, second only to diamonds. It has an excellent melting point and poor spreadability, so the manufacturing process is quite complicated. Now the more traditional processing techniques include polishing, sanding, grooving and faceting. Tungsten jewelry styles are relatively simple, but it is not easy to wear, and the non-fading characteristics symbolize the spirit of men not afraid of hardships and never give up. It is now a more mainstream men's jewelry, which is deeply loved by men.

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