What Is a Puzzle Necklace?

Jigsaw necklace refers to a whole piece of necklace composed of several parts, and it is indispensable.


Jigsaw necklaces can be roughly divided into three categories: lovers puzzle chains, affection puzzle chains and friendship puzzle chains. Lovers puzzle chain is a pendant necklace made up of two parts. It has various styles. It is usually seen in heart shape, key heart, puzzle, animal cat, etc. It is easy to identify and can generally be recognized at a glance. The family puzzle chain is generally composed of more than two parts, and the styles are generally heart-shaped, five-pointed star, puzzle, tree, etc. The style of the friendship puzzle chain combination is more flexible and more personalized.


The jigsaw necklace is of extraordinary significance. It can bring people's hearts closer, and they can always miss each other no matter how far they go, because they are one and inseparable. It generally only exists between the most intimate relationships, whether it is love, affection or friendship, it covers the three most important emotions in the world and is an eternal theme.


With the development of the times, people are increasingly pursuing individualization, and the puzzle necklace can generally be customized, which is the main reason why it can last forever.

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